About me

Hello, I'm Danial (you can call me Dan) and I'm an Indie Game Developer. I create different kinds of games and take part in lots of game jams (game development competitions). Additionally, I create applications, tools and bots for various platforms.

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If you would like to stay up to date with all of my content, or if you have any questions regarding me or game development in general, join my Discord server, where I share my games, answer your questions, host livestreams and giveaways!

Something to look out for... 👀

HELLGRINDER is a 2.5D stylized first-person shooter roguelike game where you battle off against hordes of demons from hell, using a variety of different weapons.

Time to wrap up 2022!

Here's to another year of indie game development! See this video where I talk about the development process of my games from 2022! This year went by really fast, but I had lots of fun!

Team Melon

Check out Team Melon! An indie game development team that consists of game developer enthusiasts from all over the world! We love to take part in game jams and we are still making games!

Dynamite Stew

Take a look at Dynamite Stew - the team of talented indie game developers, artists, and musicians from across the globe that won the three game jams of GameJolt!

Game Development Tutorials

If you want to learn how to make games, then consider visiting my YouTube channel! I have several useful videos about game development in Unity and Pygame!

Melon Cast

Melon Cast is the first ever podcast that I attended and published. It is a Game Dev podcast by Team Melon, where we get to answer different kinds of questions and share our thoughts on various topics related to game development!